Mario Suarez: Poor referee Once

Mario Suarez: Poor referee Once

Mario Suarez: Poor referee Once

Madrid – Atletico Madrid midfielder Mario Suarez was not happy with the leadership of Milorad MAZIC referee when his team played a goalless draw with Real Madrid. According to Suarez, the referee’s performance is very bad.

In the first leg quarterfinal match at the Vicente Calderon last night, Suarez received a yellow card after a foul against Raphael Varane harmless. With this, Suarez certainly will miss the next match through suspension.

Referee MAZIC also missed the incident at the beginning of the second half occurring in the penalty box. When would welcome feedback Antoine Griezmann Mario Mandzukic got a dig from Sergio Ramos. As a result, the Croatian striker faces the loss of blood.

Ramos did not even get a yellow card, instead of giving a penalty to Atletico. This decision was made Mandzukic protest.

“Bad referee. You can not assign a Serb to the quarter-finals of the Champions League,” blurted Suarez as quoted by AFP.

“I hope in the second leg of the referee will be better again with definite decisions and reasonable. Referee was not so, but did they make mistakes like we were the players.”

The criticism was made Suarez potentially exposed to sanctions. In a statement on Twitter, he clarified by asking UEFA referee assigning a bigger league.

“I want to apologize if anyone is offended by my words after the game, in fact it’s not what I mean,” he wrote.

“I just wanted to say that in the game of this magnitude you should assign a referee of a major league,” he added.