Appearance and Performance Poor record Neuer at Dragao

Appearance and Performance Poor record Neuer at Dragao

Appearance and Performance Poor record Neuer at Dragao

Poto – Manuel Neuer mark the record performances in the Champions League with Bayern Munich 1-3 defeat of Porto. Bayern’s goalkeeper failed to repeat the heroic story of the past because of poor performance.

No more epic night for Neuer as eight years ago. Come to the Estadio do Dragao, Thursday (04/16/2015) pm dawn, the goal guarded Neuer Ricardo Quaresma burglarized twice within 10 minutes.

Thiago Alcantara had to turn up the visitors through his goal as the game approached the half hour. But in the second half, Porto confirms his victory after Jackson Martinez scored for Bayern qualify opportunities shrink thinning.

Statistics Whoscored give Neuer value of 4.3 which is the lowest of all the puz that appear in the game. German international goalkeeper led to the first goal Porto from the penalty spot as prop Martinez. Luckily, no thumbs Neuer red card.

Due to poor catches Neuer in anticipation of a cross ball in the first half, making the net almost collapsed again. Great Rescue conducted Neuer in the second half was not able to improve its value.

However, Neuer could be a bit happy. 29-year-old footballer record 68th game in the Champions League to become the German keeper with the second most appearances, meleati Jens Lehmann.

Neuer is now second only to the legendary goalkeeper Oliver Kahn who during his career packing 103 appearances in the competition in Europe’s highest caste. Thus quoted Opta.

Its Neuer and Bayern now have to work extra hard to turn things around in the second leg will be held at the Allianz Arena. Bayern now have to win at least 2-0 to progress to the semi-finals.

“The game goes not according to our desires. We are less pecaya operands themselves with us and difficult to create chances,” said Neuer on the official club website. “That’s one problem and another problem is the mistakes that we made.”