Ibra and Umpatannya accused Insulting French

Ibra and Umpatannya accused Insulting French

Ibra and Umpatannya accused Insulting French

Bordeaux – Paris St-Germain defeat of Bordeaux apparently already made Zlatan Ibrahimovic upset abysmal. To the extent that the Swede cursing the referee who led an insult to the country of France.

Visit to the cage Bordeaux on Sunday (15/3) night before, in the French League. PSG must defeat with the score 2-3 and making their distance to Lyon at the top to two points.

Had twice lagged, both times PSG equalized through two goals from Diego Rolan Ibra before the goal in the 88th minute giving Les Parisiens third defeat of the season.

This result seems not well received by Ibrahim who looks annoyed with the leadership of Lionel Jaffredo referee in the game. In a show of local TV stations, Infosport +, in the hallway leading to the locker room, Ibra came Jaffredo and catapult his frustration.

Long enough to grumble-grumble Ibra before Jaffredo before he passed way cursing the contents insulting France and PSG inappropriate calls to play in the country’s league.

“[I’ve] played 15 years I’ve never seen a referee for this s *** country. Do not even deserve PSG to be in this country. F ****** too good for all of you,” Thus said the 32-year-old player who recorded a television camera.

The video became viral in cyberspace and inevitably Ibra should issue the apology.

“I want to say that I said when it does not intend to attack the French or French people,” Ibrahim said in his instagram account as quoted by Soccernet.

“I’m talking about football and nothing else. I’m lost and I accept it, but I’m not happy if the referee does not follow the rules. This is not the first time that happened.”

“I was overcome with emotion at the time and people also know, these words can be interpreted widely. I apologize if anyone was offended parties.”

Ibra calumny that could have led to the sanction of the Local Football Federation, although the French Sports Minister, Patrick Kanner, has received an apology Ibra on his Twitter account.

For Ibra actually just got back from two games after the suspension period fuss with St-Ettiene player and got three yellow cards in his last 10 games. Plus mid last week he got a red card when PSG rid of Chelsea in the second leg of the Champions League last 16.