City Sued Show mentality of the team in the Cage Barca

City Sued Show mentality of the team in the Cage Barca

City Sued Show mentality of the team in the Cage Barca

Manchester – Reversing the 1-2 defeat from the first leg is not an easy task to do at home to Manchester City, Barcelona. However Citizens are required to show the mentality of a great team and make a surprise.

With conditions as above, the City must win by a margin of at least at least two goals without reply to qualify for the quarterfinals. In addition, the City should pack their suitcases in the same round, as when removed Barca last season.

Of course the City no longer wish to experience a similar fate and escape missions despite somewhat difficult, but it should they meet while keeping the remaining chances to win a trophy this season.

City manager Manuel Pellegrini, was asked to appear adamant foster children and demonstrate their mentality as a great team, if indeed Vincent Kompany et al. still want to keep going in the competition.

This is called Pellegrini invisible in the first leg in which the City is really dominated Barca in the first half before the rise in the second half. The match against Bayern Munich and AS Roma, where the City when it needed a win to qualify from the group stage, it could be the motivation for the players.

“Trying to control the ball, often in the penalty box, and try to score goals,” according to the description of Pellegrini about the mentality of a great team.

“I do not agree that we said our tactics problematic because we play with two strikers (in the first leg). Barcelonia play with three strikers Real Madrid with three strikers,” said Pellegrini in the Telegraph.

“Maybe play with two strikers made us have to work hard to get the ball. You will never be able to win control of the ball against Barcelona because they play like that, but we have to be better when we had the ball and had to harm, because they had problems in defense. ”

“Secondly, you have to play with high intensity and high speed for 95 minutes and from the beginning you have to think that the most important is how we play,” said he.