Puk-puk ‘for Young Stuttgart defender of Fans, After A Fatal Blunder

Puk-puk ‘for Young Stuttgart defender of Fans, After A Fatal Blunder

Puk-puk 'for Young Stuttgart defender of Fans, After A Fatal Blunder

Jakarta – With relegation threatened favorite team fans would want to see a victory rather than defeat, especially as a result of a fatal blunder players themselves. But when it was happening, that it remains inexcusable fault and can even “puk-puk” consolation.

It is a picture of the condition of Stuttgart, caretaker team in the Bundesliga standings had reached 18 points from 22 games that have been undertaken so far, aka five points adrift of nearest safe zone.

In an effort to earn points in order to save themselves the club has ever five-time champions Germany, with the latest in the 2006-2007 season, the last weekend of arrival Borussia Dortmund – the club that had become the caretaker and is now creeping up.

Fight then both teams are equally needed that number in the Mercedes-Benz-Arena last weekend. Dortmund went ahead through Pierre Emerick Aubameyang to then reply Stuttgart through Florian Klein. But the visitors then able to finish the first half with a 2-1 lead after Ilkay Guendogan back with Dortmund lead over Stuttgart.

Minutes went by until finally the game was almost over still with the same score. However, then there was a disaster for the home team’s back line.

When the ball was still in the defense area Stuttgart, 18-year-old defender Timo Baumgartl received the ball and then try to give backpass towards goalkeeper. But the pace of the ball is too weak. This is seen by mainstay Dortmund Marco Reus who immediately shot and then send the ball into the goal Stuttgart. One other goal is actually made by the host, but it was too late.

Baumgartl, who recently made his debut for the first team Stuttgart last November and then at the end of January signed a new contract, of course was devastated. Perhaps he wished the results would be different if only there was no blunder.

Interestingly, the fans Stuttgart is not necessarily blame especially berate teen births would Boblingen 19th birthday on March 4 before it.

After the match, as the players teams host team approached the fans on the edge of the court, Baumgartl it gets “puk-puk” in the neck and shoulders as a form of consolation, also the flow of words of encouragement.

After all, with the result that the injured is not just the fans only, but specifically Baumgartl which undoubtedly feel very guilty.