Enrique Remind Barca To Not Get Distracted

Enrique Remind Barca To Not Get Distracted

Enrique Remind Barca To Not Get Distracted

Barcelona – Barcelona are in a good period with perfect drove in 11 games. But the coach, Luis Enrique, warned his team not to be lulled into euphoria.

Barca record 11th victory in a row after beating Levante with a score of 5-0 at the Camp Nou on Sunday (02/15/2015) pm dawn. Lionel Messi scored a hat-trick in the game, while the other two goals from Neymar and Luis Suarez donated.

This victory not only keep the Barca with Real Madrid at the top remains one point, but also confirms their impressive pace. In the last 11 games, just one time they failed to score three goals or more which is now a 1-0 win over Atletico. A total of 42 goals scored Messi et al. and only conceded eight times in that time span.

The series of these positive results clearly be an injection of morale for the Blaugrana in the degree of competition. Enrique just remind his players to stay focused.

“In the first half we were less balanced but then, in the second half, we played very good. Everyone wants to play a role in this game and this victory truly strengthen our confidence,” said Enrique to the US.

“The players have no reason to feel euphoria, we were not the only team involved in the competition this competition. But I like to see the fans feel euphoric. It was crucial because it makes us feel optimistic that we can go and win trophies,” he added.

Statistics show Barca alerts whoscored very dominant over Levante. They excel possession 76% -24%. Children Catalan releasing 18 shots with 10 led to the goal, while his only five trials with the right target.